Todrick Hall Is Being Accused of Owing $60k in Rent

The Celebrity Big Brother star announced that he bought a new home in LA early last year. He uploaded an exclusive video to his YouTube channel, titled "Bought My DREAM Home!!! FULL TOUR" where he gave viewers a bit more insight into his private life.

According to legal documents PEOPLE have gained access to, Hall is accused of not paying $60,000 worth of rent, for the months of February and March of 2022:

The owners of the home, Avi Lavian and Orna Lavian, said in the March 29 filing that Hall agreed to pay $30,000 a month in rent. After he allegedly failed to pay in February and March of this year, the Lavians issued the Celebrity Big Brother alum a three-day notice on March 3 to pay rent or leave the property.

The filing notes that the plaintiffs left a copy of the notice with an individual at Hall's residence and he "failed to comply" by the deadline.

Big yikes!

You can watch the video of the glamorous home below:

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