Buffalo Wild Wings Is Adding an Interesting New Flavor

Buffalo Wild Wings Exterior In Jacksonville

Photo: Getty Images North America

The NBA playoffs are just around the corner!

Whether you're watching the games on the big screen at home or out at your favorite sports bar, Buffalo Wild Wings has something you can spice up your experience with.

If you thought you've seen all of the out-of-the-norm wing flavors before, think again. The Dorito Flamin' Hot Nacho is making an epic return after its first debut in 2019.

According to HYPEBEAST, Doritos Flamin’ Hot Nacho was originally introduced in 2019 and garnered mixed reviews with many disappointed by the heat level. However, Buffalo Wild Wings promises that its new Flamin Hot Doritos sauce will have a spicy improvement, ensuring that the wings will fall under the “hot” category. Besides the sauce, the wings will be dusted in Flamin’ Hot Nacho Doritos crumbs for the added textual experience.

Will you be going out and trying it?

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