16 Spots to Get Brunch in Chicago Today

Woman pouring champagne into glasses for mimosa's

Photo: Moment RF

It's the second most important meal of the day!

After breakfast, that is. If you miss it, there's always the option to head to brunch. Living in Chicago, we're faced with a ton of places to go to when trying to pick a place to eat our pancakes and have a nice mimosa. Here are some new options for you to choose from with Eater Chicago:

The Eater Chicago Brunch Heatmap is here to help by highlighting the newest options for a delicious midday meal. The latest additions to the list below include English-style pub the Albion Manor, sandwich specialist Tribecca’s Sandwich Shop, and old favorites Dusek’s and Sunda. 

See the full list here and get your Sunday brunch on!

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