Chicago Businessman Gives Away $1 Million In Gas And Groceries

Man and woman's hands handing pile of cash

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Dr. Willie Wilson, a businessman local to Chicago, recognizes seniors in need by donating $1 million towards necessary resources as prices continue to rise throughout the city.

According to NBCChicago, seniors who inhabit any Chicago Housing Authority building will be able to receive $25 towards groceries at any participating Pete's or Cermak Markets this Wednesday. Gas discounts for seniors will be applicable at participating locations around the city on Thursday.

"Today, the cost of gasoline and food is at a 40-year high," Wilson shared. "Lower income families spend approximately 77 percent of their income on necessities. The costs of milk and eggs are up 11 percent, meat is up 13 percent and fruits and vegetables 8 percent."

NBCChicago mentioned that the price of gas has risen to over $5 in most locations around the city. Wilson plans to provide each customer with $2 towards every gallon of gas that is purchased. The businessman also announced that he is in the running for the 2023 Chicago Mayoral race. Among many initiatives; he plans to combat crime, remove red light traffic cameras, and repeal the current vaccine mandate if he is voted mayor.

For a full list of participating gas stations and grocery stores click HERE.

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