Woman Found Screaming In Abandoned Chicago House

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Photo: Getty Images

A South Side resident was walking past an abandoned house in his neighborhood on Saturday when he heard a woman screaming from inside. He began to ask her questions without entering the house, and then contacted the police. According to ABC7, police were called to the house on 119th Street to investigate the situation. When they searched the abandoned home, they found a woman handcuffed and tied up in chains in the basement.

"She was screaming, 'Help,' and I was like, 'Who is in there with you?' and I was asking her different questions," neighbor Antione Dobine told ABC7. "At that time, that is when I made the 911 call. The police said her legs were chained and her hands were handcuffed."

Dobine shared this story on Facebook Live shortly after contacting the police. Since posting, the video has gone viral, garnering upwards of 400,000 views. The woman found chained up inside of the house was 36-years-old and her name was not shared with the public.

ABC7 noted that other neighbors commented on the incident saying that they had seen the woman around the neighborhood before. She remains in the hospital and her condition is unknown. Police are still searching for the suspect.

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