WATCH: Deer Trapped Inside Illinois High School Soccer Field

Photo: Champaign Police Department

There was a deer trapped inside of an enclosed high school soccer field in Illinois this morning that gathered a lot of attention. According to UPI, the Champaign Police Department along with the Champaign County Animal Control were called to the Centennial High School soccer field to safely remove the animal.

The Champaign Police Department took to Facebook to update residents regarding the situation:

"OH, DEER! It's been a wild afternoon at CPD as we joined staff from Champaign County Animal Control and Champaign Unit 4 Schools in getting this animal safely off of the Champaign Centennial Soccer pitch. After leaving the field unharmed and a little anxious, the deer moved quickly through the nearby neighborhood, and was last seen headed for the city limits. As a reminder, if you come across an animal where it shouldn't be in the community, for your own safety, don't get too close and call 217-333-8911 for assistance," the post read.

No one knows how the deer got into the soccer field. Lucky, the soccer field was fenced in and the deer was humanely removed by being guided to the nearest exit. He ran out without being harmed. UPI mentioned that the deer was last seen heading toward the city limits after exiting the field.

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