G-Eazy & Halsey Did WHAT On Stage?!

Only a month or so after power couple G-Eazy and Halsey split amid cheating rumors, the couple is back on... or at least it seems that way. Friday, Aug. 31, G-Eazy welcomed his former lady to the stage for a surprise debut of "Him & I" at his Holmdel, New Jersey show. If fans went to the concert confused in the slightest about the status of these two, they definitely didn't leave that way. 

Following their performance, the couple who have been coined by fans as "Bonnie and Clyde" shared a passionate kiss front and center stage. 

Fans took to social media to express their pure joy of this reignited flame. You can also see Halsey walk away from G with a beaming smile. He definitely got her "in the feels." Prior to joining G-Easy on stage, the rapper announced Halsey by saying, "make some noise for the most beautiful woman on this planet right now." 

Oh, and the compliments didn't stop there. Halsey didn't exit without showering her man with words of affirmation joking that he "looked pretty fly in white." Note the extremely flirty body language too! Hey, it's saying something! 

According to E! Online the couple had been rumored to have currently been "casual with each other but working on things." I think it's safe to assume that rumor is correct. This "back together stage" seems very early but one can hope that they rekindle the relationship that not only made fans everywhere melt but also supplied us with a handful of hits. Maybe a new "Him & I" hit is on the horizon? 

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