Justin Timberlake Suffers From Bruised Vocal Cords

As an artist your most valuable tool are your vocal cords, but when you're consistently touring and recording new music sometimes they get shot. This was unfortunately the case for Mr. Justin Timberlake. 

The last couple months 'The Man In The Woods' has been suffering from severe vocal cord bruising, but the 37-year-old musician has officially announced his return. 


The former N'SYNC member will be re-started his 'Man Of The Woods' tour in D.C. last night. This is his first concert since announcing in December that he would be post-poning several concerts due to the damage on his vocal. 

As frustrating as the situation might of been, J.T. tried to make the best out of it and even still made his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel LIVE! Honestly, this might of been on the best Jimmy Kimmel interviews I've ever seen. Watch for yourself. 

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