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I Can't Believe THIS Store Is Going Out Of Business in 2019

The digital age has completely changed the way consumers shop now. Instead of planning to spend your Saturday at the mall majority of people will just hop on their smart phones and shop digitally.

This new way of buying has negatively effected a handful of companies, completely pushing them out of business.

Here are a list of stores in 2019 that will be shutting their doors:

1 - H&M

2 - Gap

3 - Charlotte Russe

4 - Starbucks

Don't worry, your favorite Caramel Macchiato isn't gone forever. The popular coffee chain announced they won't be completely shutting their doors, but over 200 under performing stores will be shut down.

5 - Vera Bradley

The company is focusing on rebranding and restructuring their business plan. During that time they will continue to sell their home items and select bags at various retailers but 51 of their 110 free-standing stores will be closed come 2020.

6 - Victoria's Secret

Another brand that will not be gone anytime soon. The parent company of the lingerie retailer announced they will be shutting down 4% of their stores before the end of 2019 and possibly another 6% come 2020.

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