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Which Jo Bro Is Actually Worth The Most

On the heels of their newest release of their new hit, "Cool," Forbes released the actual net worths of each brother. So you don't have to speculate anymore, ya know.

Not going to lie I was surprised by this order, but Kevin doesn't sit at the bottom of the food chain like so many might think.

Nick Jonas - $25 Million Dollars

You'll be surprised to know that his big bro Kevin has held this spot for the last 10 years and only after his role in Jumanji did Nick surpass him. Jumanji was the 4th highest grossing movie in 2017!

Kevin Jonas - $20 Million

You might be wondering how this is possible since Kevin has taken the past few off from music while both Joe and Nick continued their musical career. Don't forget Kevin and his wife Danielle had their own E! reality show for 2 seasons. Their earnings from that is what set them ahead of the middle brother, Joe.

Joe Jonas - $18 Million

So even though his net worth is nothing to laugh at, he isn't making as much as his brothers simply because his band DNCE is a band which means splitting funds multiple ways.

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