Kevin Hart Was A Hot Mess At Super Bowl LII

I've gone out of the way to put together a collection of videos leading up to what was a rather inebriated Kevin Hart. Now, if the Eagles didn't win this wouldn't been wildly unacceptable but his sake, and the rest of America's, I'm glad everything was caught on film. So here we go...

So I'm going to assuming this is where things started off. Kev gets a nice photo with his wife Eniko before all the action happens. If you're an experienced drinker, you know to get the nice photos out of the way at the beginning of the night. Think prom if you will.

Here we have Kevin feeling himself throughout the game. Totally acceptable. He's been a Philly fan his whole life. Naturally some boasting is in order. Everything was cool until...

You gotta come down Mr. Hart. He's drunk and I'm sure that Napoleon complex of his is kicking in. Thankfully, for us the viewer, this body guard is here to do his job. Also, S/O whoever caught this on camera.

You know Kevin Hart wasn't going out like that! Can't touch the trophy? Well guess who's popping up at the postgame report? Thank you Kevin for screwing up with your mouth. This is halftime show level entertainment folks.

Nothing like gaining control of the situation before the situation controls you. Glad you gave us the PSA Kevin. Please act a fool at every sporting event you attend.

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