Peanut Butter & Pickle Sandwiches Are A Gross New Craze

The things I'm about to show you fail so ridiculously hard they might be winning. The prestigious New York Times recently graced us with the one of it's 5-star recipes for what I can only assume is the upper echelon of delicacies. Watch out Tasty because the NYT is really playing with fire here. I give you The Peanut Butter & Pickle Sandwich. Now, immediately you should be like, "why?" but it's 2018 so there's probably already a large faction of palette-less "chefs" I'm offending here. This recipe should only be ok for high school stoners and even after their first attempt at this whimsically disgusting idea they should know better. Like honestly how is this a thing?


Well, it gets better. I found a "how-to" video and somehow this guy managed to fit regular butter in there as well. Not to mention I can't get over how happy he is about this. I'm definitely not trying this nor wishing it on my worst enemy but hey maybe this is something you'll be into. Happy cooking!

Erik Zachary

Erik Zachary

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