This Mom Is Suing A School Because Her Son Didn’t Make Varsity

If you're sitting thinking, "Seriously? This is what we're doing in 2018?" well you're not alone. Sounds like this Ladue, Mo. mom might want to pick up some more hobbies. Apparently her son did not make the varsity soccer team and she's gotten the justice system involved, suing the high school for such blasphemous cuts. I've heard of a participation awards being issues but this is taking things to new heights. In her defense, the school's soccer team does have a weird rule about juniors who didn't make varsity not being able to play on the junior varsity team either. But because her son played on the JV team last year, she feels the need to take the school to court! Hopefully this isn't ruining her son's life at school (we all know it is...) and he's taking the time to focus on getting better for senior year. Mom should be getting a red card for this one.