Who Do You Think Had The Best Looks At The AMAs?

It goes without saying we saw a lot of looks at the 2018 American Music Awards. Some looked fierce while others looked weird. Being that I'm a nice guy, I'm going to strictly stay away from the shade and give you who I thought came through with the fire fit. Here we go:

First off, the 2018 AMAs host, Tracee Ellis Ross slayed everything she put on. Featuring black designers in everything outfit she debuted, Ross was unmatched.

Next up, and I'm sure one that has everyone talking, Cardi B and all her elegance. I'm not sure what was hotter, her dress or that performance of 'I Like It'.

Following Cardi, I have Halsey (and I guess G-Eazy for that matter) on my list. I'm not entirely sure if I'm into what their wearing or the fact that I stan this couple till the end. 

Next, and she's has me soooo shook, like OMG, Camila Cabello. Scroll through and lose your mind one pic at a time. 

Is Jennifer Lopez getting younger? Is she timeless? I'm lost. But in a good way..

Low key Vanessa Hudgens came through! This was very much not expected. I feel you girl. 

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