Ariana Grande On The Verge Of Mental Breakdown

Only a few months after their June engagement Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are finally done-zo. The two shocked fans worldwide when they initially announced the engagement only weeks after Grande had split from longtime boyfriend, Mac Miller. 

The couple was not shy in the slightest about showing their affection for each other whether on TV or on social media but according to sources close to Ariana, it was Mac Miller's recent death that changed the course. 

The former rapper recently died due to a drug overdose leaving a lot of people pointing a finger at Ari. This is the first traumatic situation she's had to deal with either. The pop-star has still been dealing with post-traumatic stress syndrome following the Manchester bombing at her concert late last year. 

Ari did not attend the American Music Awards this year and also pulled out of a fundraiser for cancer this past weekend. Her manager Scooter Braun told CNN that the singer is taking time for herself right now to heal both emotionally and mentally. She has also taken to Twitter to speak out on her tough times. 

According to sources, a future for the couple isn't out of the question, they're just done romantically for now. 

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