Ken Jeong Is The Star Of Steve Aoki's 'Waste It On Me'

In a recent red carpet interview, Steve Aoki told the world that the 'Waste It On Me' video would be cultural. Being that BTS was involved the #BTSARMY speculated that they were going to do something huge. Well, SURPRISE! BTS isn't even in the music video! Even though the boys didn't make the cut, Aoki wasn't lying about the video being cultural. The cake-throwing DJ enlisted a full Asian-American cast for the video and Ken Jeong, for a lack of a better term, takes the cake. Appearance are also made by, Jame Chung, Ross Butler, Devon Aoki, Ben Baller, Jessica Lu, Jared Eng, Tiffany Ma, Jimmy Yang, Vincent Rodriguez & Leonardo Nam. If Ken Jeong could appear in more videos lip syncing, that'd be great. Check out the full video below.