Dave Grohl Chugs Beers, Falls Off Stage & Keeps Rocking Like A Pro

We've seen some rough starts to 2019. Tiffany Haddish could've definitely taken a page out of Dave Grohl's book in terms of stage presence. During his first performance of the new year, Grohl signals a fan for a beer, hops off stage to get and then things get rocky.

He first tries to drink it with no hands, spilling half of it on a speaker. That was cringeworthy in and of itself. After deciding to take a hand off the guitar he chugs the beer like a boss then hops back on stage or at least he thought that was the plan. Grohl trips over wires, falling to the floor but then pops back up on stage like nothing ever happened. That's the kind of energy I'm keeping in 2019.