Samsung Introduces Foldable Phone...But Do We Need That??

Before I get into this, have we always been announcing new phones in a very "Steve Jobs" fashion? You know, on a giant, dark yet well lit stage and in a black shirt. Did Steve Jobs start that or was that someone else's move that he picked up?

Either way, Samsung just unveiled their new Galaxy Fold, the foldable phone and if I were a Nintendo DS, I'd be very upset right about now. A foldable phone means twice as much screen space which in my opinion will be a sensory overload.

"You can watch a Youtube video of Hawaii, tell your friend about it and browse travel options all at the same time."

I don't know about you but that sounds like an absolute nightmare. The phone does come with some of the latest in smartphone technology like app continuity but ultimately it's displayed like the Twitter dashboard is in your pocket at all times. Maybe that's for you. See the full video of all it's tricks below.

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