Lucky Charms Is Keeping The Brand Strong By Introducing A Beer

Just when you thought St. Patty's Day was obnoxious enough. Days before we close out one of the weirdest February's ever, Lucky Charms said "hold my beer," literally. Earlier today, the Smart Mouth Beer dropped a bomb letting us know they have a beer for us called Saturday Morning because nothing screams balanced breakfast like a marshmallow IPA. Brewed with both real marshmallows and the "hearts, stars and horseshoes...," Smart Mouth Beer teamed up with the 90's cereal juggernaut hoping to give you a blast from the past. If it does in fact taste like Lucky Charms and a quality IPA, I can tell you my dad and I will be wasted watching reruns of Hey! Arnold, Angry Beavers and Aaahh!!! Real Monsters. See below for full details.