Travis Scott Stay True To His Storm Trooper Vibe At This Year's Met Gala

The first Monday in May means only one thing for the rich and the famous and that's the Met Gala. One of, if not the biggest events in fashion as designers and celebrities come together to present the most exclusive and illustrious outfits for one night only. This years theme, Camp, was completely ignored by everyone because who the hell camps in dresses like those but today we're here to focus on one person, Lord La Flame. Travis Scott has a knack for showing up to the Met Gala looking like he's about to get choked out by Darth Vader but it's a flawless fit regardless. This year, he went with a brown and black ensemble branching out from his all black soldier fit back in 2018. It's the perfect fit for his Retro Jordan 1s but unfortunately he wasn't wearing them. Check the pics below.