Ed Sheeran - Happier *VIDEO*

This is probably the saddest muppet video I've ever seen. I don't recall Sesame Street bringing me to tears like this. Why are you doing this to me Teddy? In his newest video, Ed Sheeran busts the marionette back out for visuals to 'Happier' off of his 'Divide' album. Originally showcased in his song 'Sing' with Pharrell Williams back in 2015, Muppet Teddy (that's what we're calling him now) makes his return. Only this time, he's not partying as much. Seems like he's ensnared in the grips of break up and doesn't know what to do. Like many men, it seems like Muppet Teddy only emotes in extremes. Watch the touching story told here below!