My Block My Hood My City: Open Invitation to the March on Washington

My Block My Hood My City will be inviting the general public on a trip that will be remembered for decades to come. They will paying for the flights and hotels of over 100 Chicagoans to join us for the March on Washington.

The invitation is open to the public. They want to bring a diverse group of people to the 57th Anniversary of the March on Washington. In times where it is of the utmost importance to be civically engaged they want to extend the opportunity to be a part of a much larger movement.

Jahmal Cole, Founder of My Block My Hood My City, says “This trip will be the focal point for everything that is happening in this country and around the world. No matter the cause we are all capable of being the change. What’s something simple you can do, that will have a positive impact on your block?

Link to apply is live NOW until 7am CST on 7/16/20. To apply please go to their website at:

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