Woman's Tattoo Removal Goes Horribly Wrong!

First off, gotta stress that this IS NOT for all those with weak stomachs out there... 

I feel SO bad for this girl. This tattoo starts out as something so beautiful. However, she was looking to get it removed. 

Instead going to seek laser removal, she went the tattoo removal cream route (Had no clue that was a thing).

What could go wrong, right?? (BTW this is where it gets intense...)

THAT. That is exactly what could go wrong! The cream is definitely not the way to go because over all else...

That thing is super infected now.

This one just might be over kill. I'm sorry...

SMH. How crazy is that? Shame shame shame.

This does have somewhat of a happy ending though. 

She's still out here doing it for the gram!

P.S. If you're getting your tattoo removed, take it to the professionals. Don't play games with your body!

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