Kimye To Challenge Kardashian-Jenners On Family Feud

So the Kimye family just announced they played Family Feud against the rest of the Kardashian clan...

My only question is, there's only two of you. Y'all took on the whole family?? Was North on your team at least?

Wait. What?! So who else was on your team?? Don't tell me it y'all picked up Jonathan? Also, is Steve Harvey ok? You know the show stresses him when it's just a regular family. I can't even imagine what he went thru with them. You know what would've been an even wilder episode of Family Feud? Kanye's fam vs. Jay-Z's fam. Can we get that on tv? it wrong that I forgot Kanye has an entire family too? Oops! Not sure when this will air but I'm sure I'll be looking like that Michael Jackson popcorn meme when it does!