Man Breaks Into Taylor Swift's Home, Takes Nap, Gets Arrested

And here I thought I had a good time on April 20th. 22 year old, Roger Alvarado, broke into Taylor Swift's brownstone apartment, showered and slept at her place. Witnesses saw the whole thing go down and called the authorities. Being that he was sleeping, this was a pretty open and shut case. First off, I want to say I'm glad this didn't go any further. A person breaking into a home is always scary, regardless of the outcome so I'm thankful that Taylor Swift wasn't there and wasn't harmed. That being said, I must ask what did this guy think was going to happen? He'd freshen up and be well rested for her return? Did he think they were going to ride off into the sunset after that? Like what person comes home to a potential burglar and says to themselves "I want to be with that person for the rest of my life?" I guess there's a right and wrong way to do 4/20.