Kanye West, 'Lift Yourself' & Endless trolling

Kanye West has been the most talked about person over the course of the week and for good reason. Many speculated this was all for music hype and Ye did deliver by bringing us new tunes yesterday. The problem, however, lies within the his 'Lift Yourself' track being a complete troll and I have to admit, I thought it was hilarious. For some this confirmed his crossover to the dark side and for others it was the closure they needed. It hasn't ended there though. 20 year old, Florida rapper, Smokepurpp has added his take on the track and to add insult to injury, he shouts out J Cole. Here's the problem with that: J. Cole recently released his new ablum 'KOD' which he directs his final track, '1985' he comes at new age "mumble" rappers and how their success won't last. Smokepurpp obviously felt some type of way and thus addressed the "mumble" issue by mumbling and ad-libbing all over this "remix" of 'Lift Yourself.' Trolls on trolls on trolls. Check out both songs for a great laugh.