Nonsense Of The Night: Uber Eats Thieves

This is why we can't have nice things. I mean, I appreciate them doing this because I laughed the whole way thru. I also didn't think things would take such a turn as they did. So these guys see an Uber Eats deliverer and decide that they're hungrier than whoever that food is intended for. With ninja like precision, the person riding shotgun grabs the food out of the biker's bag but gets caught in the last minute. Here's where things get sticky. The biker somehow catches up to them, jumps on the car and informs the police. These kids caught an Avenger during his day job. Justice prevailed as the cops did pull them over and the delivery man went about his way but wow. Just wow. This escalates sooo fast! Peep the wildest minute you've seen in a while, below!