Nonsense Of The Night: David Spade & Bhad Bhabie

I'm actually in tears. David Spade is in this video and it doesn't make any sense. I'm not even here to clown to Bhad Bhabie. In fact, as crazy as things I've gotten in the rap world, I'm quite ok with her. David Spade, however, is sick for this. I need to know how this friendship came together because I can totally see him being a fan of hers since her Dr. Phil days. Honestly, and feel free to @ me after you read this, the song isn't that bad. I'm throwing it on a playlist but if it came on in the club, I'd be hype. The skit in the middle of the video though, kind of trash. Only thing I'm mad at more than that skit was Spade at the end of it with his dollar sign chain. That man needs help.