Man Breaks Into Rihanna's Home, Stays There

Ok so back on 4/20 *cue Snoop Dogg songs* a man broke into Taylor Swift's brownstone apartment, took a shower and a nap all to get arrested within hours of initial break in. This past Thursday, Rihanna became the latest victim of a B&E&S (that's breaking and entering and sleeping. No, it's not a real thing, yet.). According to law enforcement, 26 year old Edurado Leon broke in and stayed the night before authorities were alerted. When asked to leave the premise he did cooperate however he was tased in the process. Hmm. Thankfully, Rihanna was not home and as of now nothing has been reported stolen. Leon was arrested for felony stalking which probably doesn't get you too much street cred in jail. 

It was reported earlier today, that he had broke in with plans to have sex with her but not by force. Either way I'm disgusted, appalled and quite frankly horrified for Rihanna. To think, she's living her life making people lose their minds over the Savage x Fenty drop and here's some simple-minded creep who went as far as breaking into her place thinking he's gonna get some. This dude is trash. Full story below.