Nonsense Of The Night: Tim Chung

Is there a Kardashian Boot camp everyone goes to that teaches them how to perpetuate a rumor? If you're even remotely close to family do they tell you to start stuff with the paparazzi? This is ridiculous to me. So as many of you know, the media has made it seem like Tim Chung, Kylie's former body guard could potentially be her baby daddy simply because he looks more like the baby than Travis Scott does. At first glance this rumor seems like such a stretch. Not because Chung and baby look alike, because they do. But because when compared to all the other rumors surrounded by this family, this seems like a slow Tuesday. Well, paparazzi caught up with Tim Chung since the baby daddy drama sparked and my man could've squashed it right there! Nope. Let's play some more games. Check the video below and tell me I'm lying. Kardashian or Kardashian-adjacent, you know how to turn messy into money!