Nonsense Of The Night: Girl Fired From A Certain Chicago Logistics Co.

I'd like to take the time to tell a personal story: I used to work at a similar logistics company to the one that we're about to dive into. Both companies were apart of the local beer-league dodgeball. My company was horrible at dodgeball but because we spent the most money on booze, we were always the team to beat. The company we're about to discuss had us as opponents one week and let me tell you that company is made up of Hercules looking men and women. It was literally Average Joe's vs. Globo Gym. At the start of the game, a guy threw a ball at me. I dodged it but upon it hitting the wall it not only broke the exit sign, it deflated itself. I told him I'd just sit out and they could count that as a point. Years later I'm still holding that fear as a grudge and here we are now... 

Earlier this week, a certain logistics company in Chicago, for whatever reason, decided it was time to get rid of someone. Firings are a natural occurrence but what this young lady did is a little bit more uncommon. I think all of us have wanted that "eff you" *middles fingers erect* walk out at a hated job but when everyone's a passive aggressive milennial in 2018, emails will have to suffice. I have to preface this by saying these emails are NSFW so hit the link below to see them. God, I love the internet.

UPDATE: Got the chance to sit down with her to get her side. She addresses stealing, hacking, ruined friendships and what she plans to do next. Hear her story!