My Favorite #RoyalWedding Memes

So this morning, we all woke up extra early for an wedding that doesn't have anything to do with us or our country. That's how I walked into it at least. I left, however, mind blown. The wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was AMAZING. The sermon. The choir. Harry looking at Meghan and biting his lip. I fell in love and I don't even know them. The only thing better than the wedding, you ask? The memes that followed. Here's some of my favorites.

So true. Beckham really flexed here. I would've called the royal guards to escort him all the way out!

Ayy! It's so lit for the rest of Harry's life now!

Big facts! Are there any princesses that are single? Hell, I'll marry a dude if I have to!

Shots. Fired.

Did anyone else just get thirsty?

No jokes here. This is pic is just amazing.

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