Nonsense Of The Night: Brawl At Amber Rose Event

Over the weekend, a fight broke out, outside of a club in D.C. where Amber Rose would be. She honestly has nothing to do with the fight but things escalate very quickly. In the video below, a man is seen swinging at security guards twice his size and he gets handled pretty quickly. As one of them start pulling him away from the entrance of the club, he begins to get hostile again. As he's wrestled to the ground, his head falls just in front of an on coming car to which his face gets run over by the back tire. It's boggling if you ask me. I can only hope and imagine he was intoxicated so in the moment he didn't feel how back it actually hurt. The car was going slow enough so that no real damage was done to his face but that's still a lot of weight. Hopefully MDW didn't have you looking this crazy!