Baby Raccoon Gets Stuck On Building

Let me tell you, I was watching the tweets and videos roll in like they did the OJ Bronco chase. This adorable creature (now I'm somehow on the internet talking about how raccoons are adorable and I care for this thing. 2018 is nuts) decided to go for a little hike today in downtown St. Paul, MN. If you're wondering what's wrong with that, just skip this whole part and look at the pictures below. He's a tiny little guy on the side of a giant building. This event got so out of hand that the fire department was called. Obviously the Fire Dept. was like we're not risking one of our own guys to go up and get him down so they just had to wait for the raccoon to climb all the way to the roof. This has also lead me to believe that there isn't too much going on in St. Paul. 

Looks like he never made it to the top. Slowly started making his way down the building. Hopefully he's ok. Why am I so concerned for a woodland creature two states over?