Zach Galafianakis Returns With Between Two Ferns

The driest humor ever is back as Zach Galifianakis reups Between Two Ferns. With its return, Galifianakis interview comedy legend Jerry Seinfeld and surprise guest Cardi B. If you've been a fan of the interview series, you already know how awkward the first 3 minutes are. Some of the jokes are so harsh you can't tell if they're acting or not. Jerry doesn't seem to be too into Zach's jabs but once he gets fired up Zach has trouble dishing it back out. Just when things start to get good Cardi B is in the interview out of nowhere with all her sass set out for Jerry Seinfeld. Then she's gone as quickly as she left with Zach's baby gift in hand. Great episode. Hope this continues. If you're new to Between Two Ferns, check out the episode Bradley Cooper, one of my personal favorites, here.