L.A. Protestor Blocks Traffic, Does Backflip Off Freeway Sign

Protesting in 2018 can get weird. Often times messages get lost in protest when people take things to an extreme. Today, in Los Angeles, a man climbed atop signs on the 110 freeway, bringing traffic to a complete stop as he paraded himself around, dancing, screaming and vaping. He hung signs to address the current state of our border policies which I'm all for. I just don't understand why he was only in his boxer but remembered his Juul. I can only imagine how upset people were sitting in traffic. The kicker is when he backflips off the sign in an epic finalé. You either have to be some kind of wild or very dedicated to pull this stunt off. I guess my question to all this is, what was gained? Will this go down as a stepping stone towards ending family detainment or is this just some guy causing wild antics?