Drake's 'In My Feelings' Hits No. 1 As The Challenge Gets Weirder

I'm pretty sure it goes without saying 'In My Feelings' was going to hit number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 ever since Shiggy created the dance challenge for the world to lose its mind over. Last night, Drake congratulated Shiggy for bringing him to the top of charts, beating out his other hit 'Nice For What.' My question is, how many accents is Drake using in that video? Not to be as cliché as Scorpion's album bio but he sounds like he's from the islands and the UK at the same time? Either way congratulations to both Drizzy and Shiggy for bringing what wasn't going to be one of his singles to number 1 status. As the song has reached the top of the charts, the #InMyFeelings or #DoTheShiggy challenges continues to get weirder. Here are some of my favorites: