Janelle Evans Pulls Gun During Road Rage Incident On 'Teen Mom 2'

I didn't know things were getting this wild on 'Teen Mom 2' but then again it's 'Teen Mom 2.' So for those that aren't familiar, Janelle Evans, one of the mothers on the show, was driving down the highway with her 8-year old son, Jace. During the ride they were apparently tailgated by a white Ford F150 to which Janelle drove slowly in front of them. Not happy with this action, the driver of the F150 then brake checked Janelle and her son. Janelle wasn't having that. At first she calls the police but as things progress the two drivers confront each other in a parking lot. Things get fiery, pun intended, when Janelle reaches for her gun. Check the full below and set the DVR to record 'Teen Mom 2' now because this is lawless.