Chrissy Teigen & Daughter Play With Deadly Bug

Chrissy Teigen's a polarizing character on the internet so I'm sure all her haters wished a this bug did more but because it didn't makes this whole thing that much funnier. So Teigen was playing with some kind of wasp or hornet with her daughter, Luna. It seemed pretty harmless as it just sat on her arm. She even told Luna to blow kisses at it. After posting the video to Twitter inquiring on what type of bug it was, followers lost their minds as apparently it's a pretty deadly bug! According to Twitter, Chrissy was playing with a Tarantula Hawk Wasp which can leave your arm paralyzed upon being stung. Another fun fact, they attack tarantulas by laying eggs inside them and letting the eggs eat them from the inside out. So, yea, Chrissy and daughter Luna played with that. See the whole thing unfold below.