The New Teaser Trailer For Venom Is Released

Little by little fans are seeing Venom come to life and with this new teaser trailer, not only does he look like one of the scariest anti-heroes but he's also got a bit of a humorous side to him as well. Tom Hardy plays Eddy Brock, a journalist hellbent on figuring out what the government is hiding from the public. Once Brock does find out what's being hidden, it's too late as the symbiote containing the voice, strength and personality that is "Venom" has taken control of him. Marvel fans will be excited to see the similarities between the original comic book villain and Sony adaptation are starting to take shape. My favorite being the electricity through his body resembles the white spider symbol that was donned on his chest as a cartoon character. Venom's personality shines through as he takes the time to call someone a "turd" as well. See the full trailer in the tweet below.