Drake - In My Feelings *VIDEO*

If all the controversy over Drake had you feeling some type of way, he definitely trying to win you back over with this one. Obviously you know of his latest banger 'In My Feelings" due to the challenge that either has everyone jumping out of their cars and killing it or dancing and getting hit by a pole or a car or their own feet. Anyway, Drake knew he had to come with something strong and he definitely delivered. The New Orleans bounce has had him in his feelings because it's proving to gain him even more success. The video starts with him throwing rocks at a window to Lala Anthony as though he's in high school. Phylicia Rashad's cameo brings it home as the mother telling him to leave. Shiggy, who made the entire dance challenge to begin with makes a solid portion of the video as well. All in all, Drake cleaned up with this one. Peep the full visual below.