Kylie Jenner Appears As A Golden Goddess In Travis Scott's New Video

Travis Scott released Astroworld over the weekend and I try to keep these things as unopinionated as possible it's one of the best albums out in 2018 and if you disagree I question your intelligence. That being said, La Flame wasted no time and is already here with visuals for one of his new songs off the album, 'STOP TRYING TO BE GOD.' There's a lot going on in this video from baptizing white people to depicting a rather comedic Jesus Christ. The video plays on a lot of biblical scenes and references but ultimately conveys the idea that Travis Scott is coming to the realization that he isn't a grandiose being he's either portrayed as or thinks he is. Also, an interesting parallel made in the video, his baby mama, Kylie Jenner appears in the beginning of the video as a golden, glowing angel or goddess that is protecting him from harm. By the end of the video she's seen holding a lamb in a manger similar to the virgin Mary. Check out the video below and all of Astroworld on the iHeartRadio app.