Party Pupils Release The 'Sax On The Beach' Video

Many of you know of MAX from his hit 'Lights Down Low' with Gnash but he's also apart of a badass duo that goes as Party Pupils. They remix all your favorite songs. Check that out here. Their originals are just as killer and 'Sax On The Beach' falls nothing short of that. What I love about this video is that the animation as well as the up tempo blissfulness about the song brought me right back to Virtua Fighter for Dreamcast (real ones know). Between a dance-off with The Fat Jew, selfies with Pete Wentz, and going on a quest to save Elsie Hewitt per Steve Aoki's saxophone playing dolphin, this video is everything you need. I feel them for the throwback iPod too (I know some of you don't even know what I'm saying here...). Check out the full video below.