Kanye West Returns To Jimmy Kimmel Live

Kanye West is stepping into the media again for a candid interview with Jimmy Kimmel. If you're looking for another TMZ episode, this isn't the one for you as Kanye and Jimmy had a pretty subdued chat even though nothing is ever truly subdued when Yeezus is involved. They discussed his recent actions between wearing the MAGA hat and breaking "the simulation" as well as designing the suits for Trump's space force. As an avid Kanye West fan, it's always exciting to see any airtime him although Kimmel did stump him at the end when asked the difference between George Bush and his perceived "hate for black people" was any different than the Donald's is and that was a little disheartening. But hey, I guess we all like who we like. Enjoy, grovel over and/or dissect the latest Kanye West interview below.