Interview With London Brown Of HBO's Ballers

I got the opportunity to talk to triple threat--actor/comedian/photographer--London Brown who plays FAT Reggie on the hit series Ballers. Their fourth season just kicked off on HBO and as all others, it already seems promising. From moments of seasons prior to what it's like working with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Brown is insightful and vibrant as ever. It'll be exciting to see where season 4 takes Reggie as well as the entire cast. 

Outside of the show, London Brown is busy on a North American stand-up comedy tour with fellow comedian Brandon Lewis (@whoisbrandonlewis). He's also in the process of creating a photography book that gives reader a in-depth look at homelessness within the United States. Listen to the full interview below and catch London Brown on HBO's Ballers Sunday's 10/9 Central.