Kanye West Takes His Yeezy Slides Debate To A New Level

Good to see Kanye West has a sense a humor through it all. Last week, the internet lost their minds over Kanye West's "too small" Yeezy Slides as he debut them at 2Chainz's wedding and the back of his foot was hanging off the edge. A couple days ago, Kanye tweeted out that the 1 to 2 inches of heel hanging off the slide was considered "The Japanese Way" of wearing the stylized shoe but it didn't seem like too many people were taking that as an acceptable answer. Now, just hours ago, Kanye tweeted out edited photos of "new" slides he's working on that seem to have a little more dimension for his foot. The "old" Kanye might not be so far gone because these photoshopped pictures are very reminiscent of his skits on The College Dropout & Late Registration. Glad to see he has a sense of humor through it all.