Pete Davidson's First Tattoo Inspired By Ariana Grande's Ex Boyfriend

I think we all in some way could put writing about Pete Davidson & Ariana Grande on our résumés because there's something new popping up about them everyday it seems like. Well in this episode, everyone seems to be freaked out by the fact that Pete's first tattoo was dedicated to Ariana Grande's ex-boyfriend, Big Sean. At seventeen, Pete and his good friend got "Swerve Life" tatted on their legs to pay homage to Big Sean's "Swerve" ad-lib on Kanye West's 'Mercy'. To hear him tell it, it probably didn't even cross his mind but, you know, Twitter never forgets. The entire interview is a pretty awesome insight into who Davidson is as a comedian but if you're just here for the Big Sean portion, skip to 4:02.