Kanye West Premieres New Video At Pornhub Awards

Kanye West has always talked about he's genius-level crazy but it wasn't until last night that I actually fathomed that. Kanye West lived streamed the first annual Pornhub awards as he was its creative director. If you're like how did this even happen. If you can recall, a during his latest Jimmy Kimmel interview, he mentioned that he still watches Pornhub and they subsequently gave him a lifetime subscription to the site. Now, I'm not sure that was a publicity stunt to cover up the fact that he was working with the pornography...hub, for a lack of a better word but he has used porn stars before to model his #YEEZYSEASON6 collection. To get a glimpse of his creative direction, see below.

Crazy, right? Well it didn't stop there. He made a song for the award show as well that he debut during. 'I Love It' featuring Lil Pump and Adele Givens and it's..well..different. A block shaped West and Pump are both following a giant Adele Givens as they rap some raunchy lyrics. The entire night and video are equally interesting. Check below for the latest from Yeezy.