Is Post Malone Cursed?!

Post Malone has had quite the mishaps towards the end of summer. Immediately following the VMAs his plane to the UK blew two tires and had to make an emergency landing in New Jersey. Not long after that, Post Malone was in a car accident in West Hollywood. He walked away clean but still, a car accident. Finally, Post Malone's old home was broken into. Although he no longer lives there, the armed robbers were shouting Post's name. Bad karma on all fronts.

Today, video has been realized containing why Post Malone might be so cursed. A while back, Post Malone was hanging out with Zak Bagans, host of Ghost Adventures. While having some beers in his haunted museum, Bagans introduced Post to what is considered the world's most haunted object, the Dybbuk Box. Dybbuk, Yiddish for Malicious Spirit, was uncased and touched by Bagans and in the video below Post Malone touches him. TMZ reports Bagans claims that is more than enough to be cursed and is definitely what's causing all of Post's near death encounters. Check the video below of when the spirits possibly could've gotten to the 'Rockstar' singer.