Shawn Mendes Drops 'Lost In Translation'-Inspired Video For 'Lost In Japan'

Shawn Mendes finally gives us visuals for 'Lost In Japan' and let me start off by saying I. AM. LIVING! Very (or "v" as the kids say) excited that he used both the original and the Zedd's remix. Also glad that Zedd made an appearance too. What's most captivating about the video is that he pulled from Sophia Coppola's 2003 Lost In Translation. Now, Mendes had to have been about 4 when that was out and it wasn't really a film for children so if you have no idea what that was I don't blame you. Just know Mendes on the bed in the robe, why he's shooting an alcohol commercial and the shot at 3:07 is iconic. Or click here. The video is truly a blast from the past and an all around feel good experience. Check it out below.